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A little fun this evening trying out a new Sigma 10-22mm lens on a Canon 70D body. Really didn’t have a lot to work with, but but this was a perfect opportunity to see what this combination could deliver with a little bit of technological assistance from Photoshop. As you can see from the image on the right, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and, being the end of winter here, there wasn’t a ton of natural color to bring out.

Landscape PhotographyThis is a good example of what HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography can do for you under the right conditions. The photo on the left is a combination of 5 different exposures combined into one image. In this one, I started with one correctly exposed image, then took two over exposed (1-stop increase in each) images and two underexposed images (also 1-stop decreases in each). Pulled those into Photoshop, adjusted each image for qualities that I wanted to bring out in them (saturation, exposure, brightness, contrast, etc), then combined them into different layers in one single image and used just the parts of all 5 that I felt brought out the best feature in that particular image (water, skyline, greenery in the foreground, etc). Turned-out well, though I still have some work to do to perfect the final image.

Just wanted you to see that we don’t always have the perfect conditions for shooting, but there’s always more there than initially meets the eye. Overall, wide angle lenses present some challenges with distortion and whatnot, but I’ll have to admit that this Sigma 10-22mm lens was a workhorse. It’s the only non-Canon lens I own but after using it tonight, it’ll become a regular part of my arsenal. It was that good.

Here’s a much smaller version of final image. Not bad.

Landscape Photography