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Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend wherever you are. Fall is coming and if you’re like me, you’re milking every last drop out of this summertime weather!  Had some fun this weekend with an image manipulation project that essentially turns a normal image of a person into that resembling a Na’vi Girl. Just one of the many projects we have going on right now, but it’s amazing what a little bit of Photoshop can do in just about any situation. The photographer in me strives to get every image right, straight out of the camera, and there’s a place for that.  Saying that there’s no need for manipulating images is taking a very narrow approach not only to the arts, but specifically graphic design. And by the way, I’m not one to get every image right, straight from the camera with no modification.

Austin Digital Imaging

Austin Graphic Design - Na'vi Girl TransitionWhy?

I enjoy manipulating to the extreme, just to see what can be done with them. In fact, I probably enjoy it way too much. I look at it this way. There’s a call for photojournalism-type imagery (where no changes are made to the images and no one is posed in the photographs) and then there’s everyone and everything else. Unless I’m specifically working on a photo set where the former is required, I will adjust every single photo I choose for final display. All of them. Every. Last. One.

Nearly all of the images you see on an everyday basis are altered in some way. Some substantially so. We do live in the digital age where images are chosen over the written word as a first priority for taking in information. Think about it. We’ll always take-in the image first, then if we have time, we may choose to read the details about whatever attracted us to the image in the first place. Take this post for example. Probably the only reason you opened this post was because of the image I attached to it. That’s understandable. Heck, that’s the way I designed it.

Overall, this project was both fun and interesting for me. It’s not complete or perfect by any means, but it gives you a good idea of what a good digital artist can do for you in short order. I hope your weekend has been perfect and beautiful and that this week brings you all the happiness and love you can stand. Truly.

Be good. Be well. Live.