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Shot this photo of the July 2015 blue moon a couple of nights ago.  I don’t normally do moon shots, but this year, I’d actually planned to go with a group down to south Austin to shoot it rising over the river. As it turned out, it was fairly cloudy all day, so the odds weren’t great that we’d even get a great shot of it. And that was an accurate prediction.

I set up locally once the moon made it’s appearance from the cloud cover and took this one with a Canon 70-200mm lens at F11, 1/125 @ 100 ISO and it turned out perfectly. And before you ask yourself “Is this really the color of the blue moon?” let me start off by saying no…no, it’s not. I modified it in Adobe Lightroom. In fact, here’s the modified version vs. the true color, as shot…


2015 Blue Moon | Austin, Texas

2015 July Blue Moon True Color


These are usually better shot with a 600+mm lens, but hey, I’m not an astronomer and didn’t see the need. You can take them with the assistance of a decent telescope as well, but I didn’t use that either. I just wanted to see what a 200mm lens could do and I was happy with it, so I left it at that.

I’m a big believer in the sun, moon and stars and their power of each of us. The moon’s effect on this planet is helpful in making a ton of beauty possible all over the world, including the waves that wash over the oceans and end up at our shores. I mean, what would a beach adventure be without waves, right? It’d be more like going to the lake or sitting next to a large pond. And who wants that? Well, probably people who enjoy lakes and ponds, but not beachcombers, that’s for sure.

After reviewing the shots, I was in awe at just how beautiful the moon really is. We take it for granted every single day, but it’s always there, clouds or no. Always there, rain or shine. Somewhere. Revolving around us nearly 2,300 miles per hour (3,700 KM/H). No one really knows why it’s here or how it got here, but that’s really beside the point isn’t it? That doesn’t keep us from marveling at it’s omnipresent beauty and wonder. To me, it represents all that we really don’t know about our existence. All that we may never know. It’s mysterious. It’s lovely. And that’s enough for me to fall in love with it every time I lay my eyes upon it.

A short aside…back in the CB radio days, my grandmother went by the CB handle of “Blue Moon.”  I don’t know how she ever came up with the name or why she loved it so much, but but everyone around her little town in Eldorado, Arkansas knew who she was. Scarcely anyone ever rolled through that town more than a few times without raising her on the radio by the towering CB antenna she and my grandfather had installed on the side of their house. It was a hobby for them, and one that they enjoyed for years and years.

Somehow, I think she’d be proud that I still remember things like that and I’m sure she’d be happy that this blue moon made me think so dearly of her. Like the blue moon of July 2015, there was only one, true Blue Moon. And she was it.

I hope wherever you were a couple of nights ago, you had the chance to witness the July 2015 blue moon and that it brought you as much love and happiness as it brought me.

It was, as my grandmother was….simply beautiful.

Much love my people.

Much love.