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From Canon to Nikon

I've heard it said all my life, "Your gear doesn't matter. It's the photographer that makes the difference." And sure, that makes sense. Without some creativity and direction, every image looks like every other image ever made. I can tell you though, with some...

Cloning in Adobe Photoshop

Ever wish you could be in more places at once? I think we all eventually find ourselves in the position where that would be handy, but probably not recommended in real life. This is a compilation of a number of shots in my main studio space. It was really my first foray into multiplicity image manipulation. Multiplicity essentially involves taking a number of photos and blending them into one primary shot for a unique image. This particular image is a compilation of


Wow, this year has flown by. I remember every single second of it, don’t get me wrong, but it’s been chock full of new opportunities and great people. This is a project that I recently completed called ONE. It’s a video and website about the importance of finding your One Thing. The inspiration for this project came from the movie City Slickers (Castle Rock Entertainment, 1991), primarily from the scene where Jack Palance tells Billy Crystal that once he finds his One Thing, the rest of life is

How to Shoot Austin’s Pennybacker Bridge

Austin’s Pennybacker Bridge on Loop 360 is often noted as one of the best shooting locations around Austin for landscape photography. Landscape photography isn’t my primary graphical interest, but I’ve wanted to shoot this location for some time now and plugged that into my schedule around the 3rd week of September. This post if particularly oriented for those who have never shot it before and it contains a bit about what I learned in the process. Hopefully, you’ll find it helpful. Why You Want to Shoot It The 360 Bridge is an architectural achievement, suspended totally by the two points on land on either side. There are no bridge columns that extend down into the Colorado River along its

Lone Survivor Gala – Houston

Event photography is a bit difficult to explain to some. Each event is different and no two are the same. Formal events are one thing, car shows are another, and sports competitions are yet another. Obviously, there’s a wide range of planning that goes on before photographing an event and that helps to pin down exactly what coverage is needed and what equipment best supports that coverage.

This past weekend, I was invited to be one of 5 official photographers for the Lone Survivor Foundation Gala in Houston, Texas. The Gala is a fundraising event held each year to help raise funds that assists in restoring, empowering and

Typography. With meaning.

Typography is an often misunderstood subject and product. It’s been my experience that when someone mentions the word typography, you often have to work with them to define what typography means to them. Some give very little thought to the actual type and even when they do, they don’t always consider what the type reflects or means to

Airborne, and then some

Had an amazing opportunity to shoot the 25th Annual Lake Travis Ballooning Flight hosted by the Central Texas Ballooning Association yesterday morning and had a really amazing time. This was the first time I’ve covered this event, so the experience was new to me. At some point in their lives, I think almost everyone has dreamed about taking a ride in a hot air balloon, so I’m naturally fascinated with

Blue Moon

Shot this photo of the July 2015 blue moon a couple of nights ago. I don’t normally do moon shots, but this year, I’d actually planned to go with a group down to south Austin to shoot it rising over the river. As it turned out, it was fairly cloudy all day, so the odds weren’t great that we’d even get a great shot of it. And that was an

What lies beyond…

As much as I’d like to live in the here and now, I commonly find myself reflecting intently on what lies ahead. What lies beyond what I’m doing right at this very moment? Can I make the design better? Can I make a better image or be more creative? Is there such a thing as making something too creative? Is more creative better?

These are all valid questions to which there is no


Looking around us, it seems we’re inundated with extremes from almost every direction. This person thinks one way. That person thinks another. Then, of course, you’re forced to contemplate who’s right or wrong. That’s the way it works for most people. I learned a long time ago that there are essentially multiple truths in life, depending on your own perception of different situations.

If you want to believe something’s wrong, there’s plenty of time and space to do that. Want to believe it’s

The Caribbean Dream Vacation

Yep, I know it’s that time of year. The time when most people take a vacation of sorts, whether they’re staying in the area or traveling the world. Honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve taken any time off, so I was long overdue. Unlike most of the trips we take in Texas, we decided to head out of the country for a while.

Hey, even creatives need a break every now and again, right?

And you know what? I took no electronics or sketchbooks of

Anais Nin Book Cover Design

Just completed some book cover design work on for an Anaïs Nin collection. The task in this project was to rebrand a series of books for a completely different audience. An audience other than the norm. Now, I’m not sure who the “norm” is when it comes to reading Anaïs Nin, as I’ve never met any single group of people who have the corner on that market, but for this project, I made the assumption that the existing target audience contained mostly younger women in the 20-27 demographic in addition to the women who may have read her when she was still very alive and active in the 1960s and 70s (she passed away in 1977). Whether or not this is true, the task then became

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