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Had the good fortune recently to catch this beautiful gal down at the Grist Mill near Gruene Hall on Monday afternoon. She’s really one of my very favorite models. Okay, okay, she’s my wife, but still one of my very favorite models.  Overcast day and windy, but all in all, a pretty nice day to be out and about on the river.

We had two pretty fantastic backdrop sites to choose from, Gruene Hall and The Grist Mill. Most of us know Gruene Hall as Texas’ Oldest Dance Hall, but it’s also a pretty magical place to shoot if you want a genuine Hill Country feel to your photos. Normally, the best time to shoot is early in the week, making an effort to avoid the weekend spring and summer crowds. The crowds can be used to your advantage in some situations, just really depends on the feel you’re going for.

Moving next door, The Grist Mill is simply fantastic to shoot in. The broad open areas with trees in springtime bloom make for a pretty varied shooting situation with many avenues to explore. If that isn’t the look you’re going for, the mill itself provides literally hundreds of spots that make fantastic backdrops for a variety of different settings.   There are many such places across the Greater Austin area that are… just simply natural settings for portraits and most of them will cost you nothing.

If you’d like to go exploring with me in the Austin area and have some fantastic portraits to take home with you, simply contact me and let’s go exploring!


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